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Thea Kilian

Principal, ACG Tauranga

Situated on a stunning campus with excellent facilities, ACG Tauranga really is an outstanding school. What makes it exceptional though is the people.

Community and care is at the heart of what we do. Providing a personalised approach to a holistic education, our students are highly engaged, connected young people who are nurtured and respected as individuals in all aspects of school life. Ensuring that every student feels safe, appreciated and a valued member of our community is fundamental to their well-being and individual growth.

Excellence, integrity, respect and courage are our core values and underpin the manner in which we behave and interact. Ensuring that our students understand and adhere to these values enables them to be self-aware, confident and responsible young people ready to take advantage of all that ACG Tauranga has to offer.

Committed to both the immediate and long-term personal success of each and every student, our teachers are not only highly skilled educators, but passionate about ensuring our young people are resilient, creative, innovative problem solvers capable of navigating an ever-changing environment. Fundamental to our students’ success is the strong relationships they have with their teachers and our unapologetic focus on teaching excellence in every classroom.

Offering the Cambridge curriculum from primary through to secondary, students are carefully monitored both in terms of progression and transitions ensuring all students are equipped with the fundamentals required for a meaningful and successful future pathway.

More than the pursuit of academic excellence, an ACG education nurtures autonomy, connectedness and mindfulness. Exceptional staff ensure that every student reaches their own personal level of success whether in sport, the arts, community service, leadership or adventurous activity. We respect diversity in every sense of the word ensuring that every student is valued and celebrated throughout their journey with us. Whether at the very top of their field or wanting to give it a go, our team will be right behind them.

We look forward to welcoming you.