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All about Cambridge

All about Cambridge International

ACG students achieve more Cambridge International awards than any other school in New Zealand.

All ACG schools offer the Cambridge International Curriculum as an alternative to New Zealand’s national curriculum NCEA.
Cambridge International is globally recognised and accepted by universities in New Zealand and around the world. It is flexible, challenging and inspiring. The curriculum is international in philosophy and approach, but can be tailored to local contexts.

We believe it sets a global standard for education, providing our students an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. It allows them to gain the essential skills they need for success at university and in their future careers. It has seen our students accepted to top universities in New Zealand and around the world.

Cambridge International is characterised by its exam-based assessments and clear benchmarking. We believe an end-of-year exam system allows teachers and students to explore questions to a depth and a quality that educators involved in internal assessment benchmarking simply do not have the time for.

A common misconception about Cambridge is that it is only for highly academic students.

In reality, Cambridge is a flexible curriculum that can be easily tailored to all levels of academic ability.

ACG Schools are incredibly proud of our academic offering and welcome you to visit us at Open Days or contact us at any time to discuss how Cambridge International would work for your child.

Cambridge vs NCEA

NCEA is a curriculum built around internal assessments that take place throughout the academic year. Students are graded in broad bands (Achieved, Merit, Excellence). Because of the heavy assessment schedule, teachers may spend a lot of time preparing, delivering, moderating, and marking assessments.

We believe the Cambridge curriculum allows our teachers to use classroom time more effectively. Cambridge is externally examined, with an endof- year examination, allowing teachers to spend more time teaching students and less marking assessments. Unlike NCEA, assessments are marked as a percentage, with an overall grade from A* to G giving students and parents a clear indication of how they’re performing.

STEM at ACT Tauranga

We have an engaging STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programme as part of our Cambridge curriculum that encourages students from a young age to get involved and enjoy the huge benefits of STEM – setting them up for endless career opportunities later in life.

Our students tell their story about the Cambridge curriculum

  • My transition to Cambridge: Hugo Buck, Year 8

    “The learning here feels much more useful, for living in the world, rather than just in books and spelling.” – Hugo Buck started at ACG Tauranga in 2019

  • My transition to Cambridge: Sophie Mann, Year 9

    “I think that most of all I am enjoying teachers that want to teach and students that want to learn and in that environment I am thriving.” – Sophie Mann, Year 9, started at ACG Tauranga in 2019

  • My transition to Cambridge: Harry Buck, Year 9

    “I didn’t even know how fun science could be.” – Harry Buck started at ACG Tauranga in 2019

  • My transition to Cambridge: Dannan Kilian, Year 11

    “The subjects in Cambridge are more advanced. This gives me more of a challenge. I like being challenged.” – Dannan Kilian started at ACG Tauranga in 2018

  • My transition to Cambridge: Chelsea Good, Year 11

    “The most enjoyable aspect of Cambridge is the access to information it has allowed me. The level of learning is challenging, but rewarding and provides me with a great foundation for university and later in life.” – Chelsea Good joined ACG Tauranga at the beginning of 2018

  • My transition to Cambridge: Hugo McCarthy, Year 11

    “In class, we get through more work and are far more productive.” – Hugo McCarthy joined ACG Tauranga in 2018

  • My transition to Cambridge: Liam Rickit, Year 11

    “The thing I enjoy most is how much it challenges me and how rewarding a good grade feels.” – Liam Rickit started at ACG Tauranga in 2018

  • My transition to Cambridge: Laoise McCarthy, Year 13

    “I like that we are learning how to study, finding the ways that work best for us all throughout the year. I think it’s preparing us well for to cope with the stresses of university.” – Head prefect, Laoise McCarthy

We welcome applications at any time, including for a mid-year start. Applying online is easy.