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World-class Preschool in Pyes Pa

Children aged three months to five years can grow and develop in the nurturing environment of ACG Tauranga’s Preschool.

A positive foundation for learning

At ACG Tauranga, we introduce children to a love of play and learning, by creating opportunities to explore, experiment, solve problems and express themselves as individuals.

With five early childhood centres in New Zealand, ACG Schools is a specialist in educational programmes for young children. Our early childhood environments are purpose-built to enhance children’s learning and growth, to stimulate their curiosity, and to start the journey of a lifelong love of learning.

Positioned alongside our Primary School and College, ACG Tauranga Preschool offers the same care, support, and safe and nurturing environment found within our world-class school.

Personal development for life

Along with a positive start to learning, our teachers place an emphasis on oral language development and nurturing social relationships. Our teachers know a structured foundation is important for young children, to help them develop and grow into confident individuals.

We provide an exceptional learning space for our preschoolers, with high quality staff who care and guide our young children.

Our Preschool provides your child with a safe and engaging learning space on the ACG Tauranga campus.

Social stream

Family testimonials

  • "Everything they do is for the kids"

    Kindness, respect, love, and a genuine care for the children. When it comes to preschool that’s what matters most to Hannah and Geoff Gibbs.

  • "A great caring, loving and calm environment"

    “ACG provides a great caring, loving and calm environment as a foundation for social learning. The backing of a structured curriculum is an important lead in to academic learning.”

  • From three months

    We provide your child with a purpose-built, creative and stimulating play and learning area. The preschool team ensure your child receives the highest level of quality, care and attention in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Up to five years

    Young children are encouraged to play, think, experiment, develop self-expression and curiosity.  Language skills are developed alongside social skills.  Our teachers are highly dedicated and we maintain a high ratio of staff to children.

  • Transition to school

    ACG Tauranga are committed to creating smooth transitions from preschool through to college hence why we have a purpose built preschool on school grounds.

    The ACG Preschool team are focussed on providing a seamless transition to school here on campus or at a chosen primary school in the community, by providing children with knowledge and opportunity.

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