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Preschool frequently asked questions

  • What age range does the preschool take?

    Children from 3 months to 5 years are welcomed.

  • Do you accommodate infants?

    Yes, we have space for up to 10 children from 3 months to 2 years in our specialist infants’ room.

  • What are our operating hours?

    We are open from 7.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. We are open right throughout the year, closing only for statutory holidays and a two week period over the Christmas break.

  • How do you welcome new children into the centre?

    To ensure a positive start to your child’s time with us, we recommend at least three visits prior to their first day. This allows us to grow a healthy relationship by establishing trust from the word go. Visits will vary in duration throughout the process and will be tailored to meet your family’s individual needs. One of our teachers can go through this process with you so we can create the best start for your little one.

    ACG Preschool is open to all children wanting to enroll. It is not expected that all children from ACG Preschool will continue through to ACG Primary. The team are committed to a smooth transition to school where ever you choose to send your child.

  • We are unsure what primary our child will attend?

    All children are welcome at ACG Tauranga Preschool. While we do offer a fantastic transition program to our ACG Primary School, we also offer the same support to children going to other primary schools in the community. Our main goal is to ensure our young learners have the best start to school life. We work collaboratively to ensure a seamless transition.

  • Do you provide food?

    We do provide afternoon tea. This usually consists of baking that the children have done through the day along with fruit, crackers or sandwiches.
    We do not provide morning tea or lunch. Our children bring lunchboxes with food that is familiar to them. Our children are very comfortable having a snack at morning tea and saving the rest for lunch, just like they do at school.

  • Do you have a uniform?

    Yes we do have a uniform for children over two. Our children wear an ACG polo shirt purchased from the preschool along with any navy pants, shorts or skirt. For winter we have an ACG jersey or parents can provide their own navy jersey. Our families appreciate the durability of our uniform.

  • Do you offer 20 ECE hours?

    Yes. Children aged 3 to 5 are eligible for 20 hours per week.

  • Are the preschool fees expensive?

    No, in spite of having all the advantages of being part of an independent school environment, known for delivering exceptional care, support and a safe and nurturing environment, fees at ACG Tauranga are similar to other preschools in the area.

  • Do you have visitors to the centre?

    We have regular visits from students and teachers at the school as well as interesting community groups to extend children’s passion and provide hands on learning experiences. We particularly enjoy it when the Science teacher comes to visit.

  • Do you have excursions out of the centre?

    As part of ACG Tauranga, we have access to the school grounds and facilities situated on 14.8 hectares of land. We go on many excursions around campus; Monday morning Rugby Tots on the rugby field provide our little ones with early ball skills, the gymnasium provides many opportunities and the gully is a great place to pick flowers. We also engage in visits within the local community when there is a hand on learning experience to be had.

  • Do you have an enrolment fee?

    Yes, there is a $80 fee.
    All students receive a wide brim sun hat and wet bag as part of the enrolment process.