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School Event

Introducing ACG Tauranga’s inaugural Spirit Week

Next week ACG Tauranga will be holding its inaugural Spirit Week.

Spearheaded by students Mei Hutchinson (Year 7) and Summer Fidow (Year 11), Spirit Week will see students participate in four days of fun-filled activities following their mid-year exams.

While it will still be business as usual in terms of attending class and completing school work, the aim is to “lift up students’ spirits and take their mind off work,” said Mei, who came up with the idea for ACG Tauranga after participating in a similar celebration at her previous school in Beijing.

She approached fellow student Summer with the concept and the two have been working together to make it happen for a few months.

“There’s such an eclectic demographic in our student body so we’re getting great international influences as we develop the culture of the school and define what it means to be a student at ACG Tauranga,” said Mathematics teacher and Year 11 tutor Jackie Webb, who runs the student leadership team.

“We’re exposed to a number of fantastic ideas we haven’t seen before, and these sort of events can start traditions.”

Starting on 6 June, Spirit Week will see four themed days of activity.

• Tuesday – Colour Day. Each year group will be assigned a colour to wear
• Wednesday – Charity Day. Come along with your craziest hairstyle and make a gold coin donation to charity.
• Thursday – Throwback Thursday. Dress in the fashion of the 70s or 80s.
• Friday – Animated movie day. Come dressed as your favourite character.

“The aim is to get everyone out of their comfort zone, be free and wear whatever they want,” explained Summer.

Houses will be encouraged to fully participate as a way to help cement the new House structures, and House points will be assigned based on participation.

Principal Shawn Hutchinson encouraged students to be creative, resourceful and have fun in following the themes of Spirit Week.

“The purpose of Spirit Week is for students to get enthusiastic and supportive of our school and shared values while having some fun dressing up and participating in full school activities. The week serves to get all students involved, working cooperatively and united, while still enjoying some House competition and leadership opportunities.”

“Whenever we get an opportunity for students to stand up and take a role we encourage them to take it – these things are really important to us,” said Ms Webb.

“Plus it will be a lot of fun and you get to wear crazy hair!”