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Special Guest

Is that really rubbish?

Our primary students have been learning about reusing, recycling and composting everyday objects this week, thanks to a visit from Kathy Broadhead, aka ‘Miss B’, from Zero Waste Education.

Zero Waste Education is an award-winning, council-funded initiative to encourage young people to think differently about waste.

Miss B presented different concepts around sustainable resources to the primary year groups.

As part of the programme, Year 1 and Year 2 students were introduced to the question, is that really rubbish?

“We looked at a number of different materials – paper, cardboard, plastic containers – to see if they were recyclable, and learnt how to check plastic to see if it had the recycling triangle,” she said.

“They picked it up very quickly and it was great to see what they had learnt being put into action. In fact, during our lesson, a builder came in to the classroom to put something in the bin and one of the boys promptly asked him – is that really rubbish?”

Miss B showed students fun new uses for everyday objects, such as repurposing plastic bottles to make ten pin bowls, and reusing a tin can for classroom hole in one practise.

As a zero-waste school, we’re thrilled to have welcomed Miss B in to work with our primary students and to watch how they embrace these concepts with such enthusiasm. Thanks to our Year 3 and 4 teacher Mr Hanna for organising the visit.

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