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New house system provides “family within a family”

Leadership opportunities, a burgeoning school culture, and a sense of belonging are just some of the plus sides of the new House system introduced at ACG Tauranga.

Students have been divided into four Houses, each with its own colour: Mauao (green), Te Awanui (yellow), Tarawera (orange) and Wairoa (blue).

“It’s important in terms of building school culture,” explained Principal Shawn Hutchinson. “Even within a large family it’s important to have our place, somewhere we can go. It allows us to balance out all the skillsets – the musicians, artists, mathematicians, the athletes – they’re all mixed in among those groups.”

Year 11 Tutor Mrs Jackie Webb, together with Maori Relationship, Engagement and Cultural Advisers from Western Bay Council, helped select meaningful landmarks from each House to represent the geography of the region and where our students come from.

Each house has a mix of year groups – a ‘vertical’ system that encourages interaction between year levels and strengthens the school’s sense of family. Siblings have been kept together, creating a ‘family within a family’.

“Vertical grouping works really well for us, as we’ve seen at school camp. The older students model leadership to the younger students and the younger ones demonstrate other strengths, such as courage, for example. When they jump fearlessly, the older ones have to, too!”

Formal and informal leadership opportunities are another benefit of the House structure; our new House leaders were announced at Tui Ridge last month.

Watch out for the first glimpse of House colours at the ACG Tauranga cross country on 3 May.

House leaders:

House: Mauao
Secondary House Leader: Summer Fidow
Secondary Deputy House Leader: Kevin Shi
Primary House Leader: Alexa Bishop
Primary Deputy House Leader: Owain Lines

House: Te Awanui
Secondary House Leader: Luke Crombie
Secondary Deputy House Leader: Arman Gill
Primary House Leader: Amelia Newsom
Primary Deputy House Leader: Luke Domett

House: Tarawera
Secondary House Leader: Hana Connell
Secondary Deputy House Leader: Subina Siwakoti
Primary House Leader: Jessica Galley
Primary Deputy House Leader: Tim Gillies-Smith

House: Wairoa
Secondary House Leader: Ruby McSweeney
Secondary Deputy House Leader: Flynn Macredie
Primary House Leader: Jack McSweeney
Primary Deputy House Leader: Keira Moriarty