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Student Stories

Madeleine Limmer

Dancer and top student Madeleine Limmer loves languages, aspires to be a soloist in a ballet company and would like to study international law at university. She recently received a nomination for the National Young Performer Awards for 2019. For the next 10 months, she will prepare to compete at this event against 50 nominees for the top prizes.

What sort of dance do you do?
I study ballet and I have just started advanced level two. I also study contemporary and jazz.

How often do you practise?
I usually practise around 15 hours a week: two mornings before school, after school, and on weekends. I also help with the younger ballet classes on Saturdays. I compete throughout the year and I have been accepted and gone to Summer Programmes in the US and France.

What do you love about dancing?
It is beautiful and powerful at the same time. AND it makes you feel good!

What are your aspirations in the sport?
I want to join a ballet company in the US or Europe and become a soloist.

What other activities do you do?
I have played netball and volleyball in the past but ballet takes up all my time now. We are now playing volleyball at lunch times! I play the piano for fun and my friends at school have started a band.

What is your favourite subject and why?
English Literature and Spanish would be my favourite subjects as I love languages.  I am hoping I can take French next year as I was born in Paris and I went to school there for two years. My goal is to be fluent in five languages and say hello in 27!

What do you most enjoy about school?
The teachers are amazing, they work with us even outside of our class times if we need extra help. My friendships are important to me and all of my ACG friends are very supportive of each other.

What would you like to do when you leave school?
I would like to be a part of a ballet company, go to university in the US, and hopefully study international law.

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